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Nail Polishing Machine


When the nails comes out from the nail making machine, it is not so smooth and bright,to make it bright and have a good selling appearance,it needs to be polished.Concerning for the polishing steps,firstly put the nail in the polishing drum,then put some saw dust onto the nails,then cover it and start the machine, in general it needs 2 hours’s polishing.

One single nail making machine doesn’t form a complete nail production line. After nail making procudure, the nail needs to be polished and components, like cutter die, also needs to be grinded from time to time.

Therefore, We also provide customers with various auxiliary equipments for nail making machine. Like Wire-laying frame, nail polishing machine, cutter die grinder, nail gripper die, nail header die, nail cutter die.



Specification of Nail Polishing Machine

Model Capacity Motor Power Overall Size
kg kw mm
RM-NP400 400 4 1640*90*1000
RM-NP600 600 5.5 1800*1000*1100
RM-NP700 700 7.5 1900*1050*1200
RM-NP1000 1000 7.5 2000*1500*1400
RM-NP2000 2000 15 2500*1500*1600


Company Profile

We are based in North of China and Have many year expernece for wire processing equipment. Main Product include Concrete Nail Making Machine, Roofing Nail Making Machine, Concrete Nail Making Machine, Wire Drawing Machine, Nail Polishing Machine, Nail Galvanizing Machine, Nail Sharpener,  Wire Hanger Making Machine, Wire Spring Making MachineSteel Chain Making Machine, Bobby Pin Making Machine, Spoke Making Machine, Wire Mesh Welding Machine, Wire Mesh Weaving Machine, Wire Butt Welding Machine

Now, Our factory has export to Bangladesh, Sudan, Pakistan, Russia, Italy,  Turkey, Egypt , Mexico etc.


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