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Dry Type Wire Drawing Machine


Wire drawing machine is an ideal equipment wire drawing stock of high, medium and carbon steel, as well as copper, aluminium and alloy. The wire drawing machine is applied to drawing wires in the factories such as wire-steel factory, metal mesh factory and nail making factory.

Wire drawing machine consists of main reduction box, die casing, wheel frame, wire brace and electrical control system. The spinning drawing blocks are driven by high quality series motor, with gear coupling runs changeling gears to reduce speed. The drawing blocks are vertical fixed in sealed box body. The gear pair are lubricated with oil.

In order to lower residual heat on the surface of the block, the cooling means is installed in inter wall of the block. The machine runs with crawl or linkage. The safety halt gear is installed by the position of operation block.



Specification of Dry Type Wire Drawing Machine

Model Unit 800 560 450 350
Material Intensity kg/mm2 >110 128 <140
Max.Diameter mm 10 6.5 3.4 2.5
Min Diameter mm 6 2 1 0.75
Drawing sequence NO./Dia of block 1-800 1-6/560 1-7/450 1-6/350
Max.Average Impressibility % 25 30 20 21
Designed Total Impressibility % 78 78-88.5 77.9 78
Max Speed m/min 0.4 245 346.9 200
Power kw 80 18.5-30 7.5-11 7.5-11
Overall Size kg 9730*3340*2020 1700*1150*1750 1520*810*1700 1400*800*1500
Weight mm 4500 2000 1500 1000


Working Video of Dry Type Wire Drawing Machine


Company Profile

We are based in North of China and Have many year expernece for wire processing equipment. Main Product include Nail Making Machine, Rivet Nail Making Machine, Roofing Nail Making Machine, Concrete Nail Making Machine, Wire Drawing Machine, Nail Polishing Machine, Nail Galvanizing Machine, Nail Sharpener,  Wire Hanger Making Machine, Wire Spring Making MachineSteel Chain Making Machine, Bobby Pin Making Machine, Spoke Making Machine, Wire Mesh Welding Machine, Wire Mesh Weaving Machine, Wire Butt Welding Machine

Now, Our factory has export to Bangladesh, Sudan, Pakistan, Russia, Italy,  Turkey, Egypt , Mexico etc.


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