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This machine is automatic clothes wire hanger making machine, which can make clothes hanger of all shapes and sizes. It can produce 28 clothes rancks per minute. Diameter of iron wire between 1.6~2.7mm is ok. The size of clothes racks can be 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches. 380v and 220v is the proper valtage for the machine. The net weight of the machine is 750 kilograms.

Specification of Galvanized Wire Hanger Machine

Model RM-GA
Process Length Rating 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, 18”
Capacity 1650 – 2000pcs/hr.
Material Galvanized Steel Wire or Bright Steel Wire
Wire size range: Ø1.8mm – Ø2.8mm
Motor power 2.2KW (380V, 50Hz, 3-phase)
Hanger Size Range 13” – 15” and 16” –18”
Hanger structure To the basic types or as per the user’s samples
Overall dimensions 1950 * 800 *1550 (mm)

Operating Instruction

First, buttons are pided into three colors(red, green, black). The black button is to start the machine. The green button indicates the normal operating process and red is to stop.

Second, loosen the straightening bolt and straightening wheel handle, then put the material between the wire delivery leading wheel and wire delivery pressing wheel. After that, adjust the handle of wire delivery pressing wheel,and then press the button to transport the material into the shape mould. Finally, press the “stop” and “done” buttons, thus clothes racks are made.

Routine Maintanance

First, cut off the power supply when work is finished, DO NOT suppply the machine with power for long time while it is out of use.

Second, oil it twice every, then it can start work.
third, examine the oil mass in the reduction gear box every two months. If the oil mass is low, please add machine oil.
Forth, the machine must be kept clean, dry, and ventilated.
Fifth, oil the transmission part regularly.

Components of the machine

First, there are buttons which can control the speed easily in the controling box.

Second, the wheels for wire delivery and for strightening, as well as the shape mould are made of quality alloy steel. As it has been through vacuum heat treatment, it enjoys the quality of good abrasion resistence and long service life. Axes are made of 40CR or 45# steel, and have been specially  hardened and tempered, which improved the intergrated capability. Gear wheels are made of forging stock, the rigidity can reach HRC55-58 because of the hardening and tempering and high-frequency quenching.


Carbon-Steel-Made-Wire-Hanger PVC-Coated-Wire-Hanger


Working Video of Wire Hanger Machine

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