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Manual Book of Automatic Steel Wire Rod Head Hammer Rivet Making Machine



Preface. 2

Part I Main Specifications. 3

PartⅡWorking Principle. 3

  1. Steel Wire Rod Feeding Device. 3
  2. Rivet Making Device. 4

Part Ⅲ Installation. 4

Part ⅣHow to Operate and Adjust. 5

Part Ⅴ Lubrication. 6

Part Ⅵ Trouble Shooting. 7

Part Ⅶ Accessories. 7



Thanks for you to use our Steel Wire Rivet Making Machine in order to let you acquaintance, understand and operate this machine, please read this guide book carefully before you use machine.

The guide book describes the correlative regulation and necessary element of machine safe operation; the installation, operation and transportation of the equipment .Also supply the configuration arrangement of the machine.

The guide book is also including the operational document of the machine, and describe the control guide book and the other technical data listing which are offered with machine, the owner of the machine should be verify other data document according with the listing.

Please comply strictly the proceeding which list by this guide book then can help the user use the machine very well, also can insure the personnel safety of the operator.


The security requirement of the environmental must be complied so that prevents the accident from happening.

The copyright including relevant documents shall be reserved by ROMITER MACHINERY CO., LTD. In case that the manual including photo copy and reproduction is used for other purpose, it shall be subject to the consent of our company.

Part I Main Specifications

RM-series steel wire rivet head making machines can make rivet head for wires

Item Specification
1 Wire Diameter mm Ф2-6
2 Wire Length mm 100-800
3 Rivet Speed pcs/min 80
5 Hammer Motor Power KW 3
Oil Pump Power KW 0.25
6 Dimension L*W*H mm 1580*1400*1430
7 Weight Kg 1600

PartⅡWorking Principle

Bucket Handle Rivet Making include two parts, steel wire rod automatic feeding device and rivet making device. Working Principle as follow


1. Steel Wire Rod Feeding Device


The steel rod in the hopper is feed by the equi-index plate feeding device as 80pieces/minutes

2. Rivet Making Device

The wire rod is feed to the rivet making position, the mould will clamp the wire rod and make the rivet shape as 80pcs/minutes


Part Ⅲ Installation


Bucket Handle Rivet Making Machine shall be installed on flat reinforced concrete ground.

Part ⅣHow to Operate and Adjust

1.  Put the steel wire rod in the hopper ( the hopper size is adjustable, please adjust it for our steel wire rod.


2. Press the Blue Button, (Red Button is the stop button and also can be used as adjustment button for inching working)

Manual-Book-of-Automatic-Steel-Wire-Rod-Head-Hammer-Rivet-Making-Machine-Function Button

3. How to Change Mould

The mould for rivet shape change need to remove the screw and install new mould


For wire clamp mould( change used wire diameter) , please open the cover and install new mould.


Part Ⅴ Lubrication

Feed lubrication oil to machine different rotary parts by the oil pump. Just press the add oil handle is ok. Each shift add 3-4 times.

Part Ⅵ Trouble Shooting

There might be problems in the operation of the equipment. The following are some of the common problems and their solutions.

No. Problem Cause Solution
1 The head is not standardized Equipment is not adjusted properly Adjust the punch mold

Part Ⅶ Accessories

No. Name Qty. Usage Remark
1 Punch mold 1 Rivet Making
2 Rivet Shape Mould 1 Rivet Making


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