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Large Nail Making Machine

Z94-C8A Nail Making Making

Description of Large Nail Making Machine

Our well designed super nail machine offers a cost effective solution
to manufacture the nails with the maximum diameter up to 10mm and the
maximum length of 310mm. The nails it made come with excellent hardness
and high profit as compared to the large nails on the market. Its
hardness is two to three times as much as that of the general nails.
With the copper drive shaft, this equipment also features stability,
small load, and low noise generation. In addition, its rationally
designed feeder can evenly send the wire without wire section being
damaged, thus ensuring the reliable quality of the nails. Apart from the
qualified steel made housing, our super nail machine also applies the
first class alloy and special treatment for its key parts.

As a specialized super nail machine manufacturer and supplier in
China, we provide a wide range of products, including U-shaped nail
making machine, dry type wire drawing machine, nail roll plating
machine, and more.

Specification of Large Nail Making Machine

Parameter  Z94-8A 
Max. Diameter of Nail (mm)  10
Min. Diameter of Nail (mm)  5
Max. Length of Nail (mm)  310
Min. Length of Nail (mm)  180
Designed Output (pcs/min)  120
Motor Power (kw)  22
Speed (rotate/min)  960
Weight(approx) (kg)  10000
Overall Dimensions (mm)  6000X2100X1900 

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