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Butt Welding Machine

butt welding machine

Butt-Welding Machine is one of auxiliary equipment of wire drawing machine, which is used to butt-weld the broken steel wire.


Features of Butt Welding Machine

  1. Main part manually. Welding convenient, not limited by such factors as gas source.
  2. The key electrical components are international brands, long life, high precision.
  3. Welding transformers, welding electrodes, the main circuit SCR adopt mandatory water.
  4. Has a compact structure, attractive appearance, convenient operation, safety and reliability, simple maintenance, etc.
  5. Machine installation casters with brake, easy to move the work space is conducive to change at any time.

Parameter Table

Type The welding range Power
RBW-1-4 copper Φ0.8-Φ3 iron Φ1-Φ4 3kw
RBW-1-4 copper Φ4 iron Φ2-Φ6.5 5kw
RBW-1-4 copper Φ5 iron Φ3-Φ8 7kw
RBW-1-4 copper Φ6 iron Φ4-Φ10 10kw
RBW-1-4 copper Φ8 iron Φ10-Φ14 25kw


Company Profile

We are based in North of China and Have many year expernece for wire processing equipment. Main Product include Concrete Nail Making Machine, Roofing Nail Making Machine, Coil Nails Making Machine,  Chain Riveting Nail Making MachineWire Drawing Machine, Nail Polishing Machine, Nail Galvanizing Machine, Nail Sharpener,  Thread Rolling MachinePaint Roller Making Machine, Bucket Handle Making MachineWire Hanger Making Machine, Wire Spring Making MachineSteel Chain Making Machine, Wire Mesh Making Machine

Now, Our factory has export to Bangladesh, Sudan, Pakistan, Russia, Italy,  Turkey, Egypt , Mexico etc.


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