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Threading Rolling Machine with roll drum is driven by the power to passing the product by drum rotation, making it multi-loaded screws and hardware products passing to the bridge to roll in order. It can roll both non-standard shaped pieces and a variety of ordinary screw. Threading Rolling Machine has greatly improved complicate screw products output. It is the most suitable machine for the complicate screw product in industry.

Threading Rolling Machine is designed for precise machining of all types of screw thread conforming to the Metric System, Japanese System, American System, etc. Vibrating feeder is available upon customer’s request.


Advantage Features of Thread Rolling Machine with Auto Feeding

  1. Adopting electromagnetism vibration feeder system, equipping automatic control feeder,
  2. Adopting synchronism pushing device, main electromotor adopts speed control one, be easy to adjust productivity according to requirement, clean working environment.
  3. With reasonable structure, easy operation and safe action, it is used in the process of straight screw thread with different diameter and length and all kinds of special form nails. It is a kind of high-efficiency production equipment.
  4. The thread rolling machine for screw for metal rivets , especially for alluminum rivets ,we have more than 15years in these area .


Specification of Thread Rolling Machine with Auto Feeding

Model Diameter Range Max. Length Capacity Threading Die Size Power Weight
(mm) (mm) (pcs/min) mm (kw) (kg)
TM-004 Φ2-4 25 200-300 65/80*20*25 2.2 650
TM-4S Φ2.5-4 50 180-240 75/90*25*50 3 900
TM-6S/6Z Φ4-6 75 140-180 110/125*25*80 4 1300
TM-8Z Φ5-8 120 70-100 150/170*30*120 5.5 2000
TM-10Z Φ6-10 120 60-80 150/170*30*120 11 2200
TM-10ZX Φ6-10 150 60 190/210*40*150 11 3000


Company Profile

We are based in North of China and Have many year expernece for wire processing equipment. Main Product include Concrete Nail Making Machine, Roofing Nail Making Machine, Coil Nails Making Machine,  Chain Riveting Nail Making MachineWire Drawing Machine, Nail Polishing Machine, Nail Galvanizing Machine, Nail Sharpener,  Thread Rolling MachinePaint Roller Making Machine, Bucket Handle Making MachineWire Hanger Making Machine, Wire Spring Making MachineSteel Chain Making Machine, Wire Mesh Making Machine

Now, Our factory has export to Bangladesh, Sudan, Pakistan, Russia, Italy,  Turkey, Egypt , Mexico etc.


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